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Especificaciones tecnicas
- molino de carga para moler sustancias duras o quebradizas en seco y con pocas pérdidas.
- la cámara de molienda de doble pared puede refrigerarse con agua a través de 2 tubuladuras de empalme para tubo flexible
- la cámara de molienda puede extraerse para facilitar su limpieza.
- Dos cámaras de molienda pueden funcionar de forma alterna.
- batidor m21 incluido: para triturar sustancias hasta una dureza mohs de 5.





Molino de la muestra, las muestras Muele con un máximo de contenido de aceite 10% de humedad; rendimiento Max: 4g/sec, 40 muestras / hora, Max tamaño de la muestra de 10 mm, tapa de la tolva. 100 ml; 1/2HP motor, la velocidad máxima de 20.000 rpm; 12x8x16 pulgadas; 110V 60Hz, 570W.




Con motor de 160 a 320 rpm dimensiones de la caja de rodillos 110x40x90 cm (largo-ancho-alto) con motoreductor de 2 hp, 2 jarras en cerámica, bolas de circonio de 4.53 k el paquete 220v.




The Wiley Mini Mill, by Thomas Scientific, sets the standard of quality, efficiency, and value within the sample preparation market. With over 75 years of proven technology, Wiley Mills are the most robust, longest lasting mills on the market!

The Wiley Mini Mill is built by hand and consists of an all steel construction, with four rotating steel cutting knives, two stationary knives, easy cleaning, no service tech required for maintenance and a one year manufacturer’s warranty. The Mini Mill is suggested by the U.S. Bureau of Plant Industry for milling of samples.

The Wiley Mini Mills are ideal for grinding animal and plant products (e.g. hair, leather, leaves, stalks and roots) but will also grind crystalline, fibrous, polymeric and amorphous materials. They feature a polished chamber 40 mm diameter x 22 mm deep. Removable safety glass plate permits viewing of sample during milling and allows easy access to grinding chamber for cleaning.




GMI is offering a fully refurbished the Thomas Wiley Laboratory Mill, Model 4 featuring Shearing action, Grinding Chamber, knives, hopper, Sieve, Jar Chute and Jar Unit. The Model 4 includes jar and beaker chutes, sieves and one stainless steel beaker.

Features of the Model 4:
Shearing Action: The four adjustable hard tool steel knives are bolted to a removable rotor. These knives work against six stationary knives bolted into the frame. The shearing action tends to avoid changes in the sample due such temperature rise, moisture loss, liquefaction, contamination, etc.

caused by crushing and abrasion methods. The clearance of opposing knives is precisely adjusted for shearing clearance. Each stationary knife is independently adjustable. The fan effect of knives provides increased through-put and quick clearing of the chamber.

Grinding Chamber: The steel chamber measures 197 mm inside diameter x 76 mm deep. The hinged, heavy steel plate door provides full access to the chamber for cleaning. The clamping bolt with handwheel seals door against mill face. The neoprene shaft seal at rear of chamber prevents lubricant from seeping in while also protecting the ball bearings of the rotor shaft from sample dust.

Knives: The inlaid edges are specially formulated tool steel, tempered and hardened for durability and optimal cutting. Knife body is made of softer steel to absorb shocks and minimize breakage. Stainless steel knives are also available for milling corrosive materials.

Hopper: Steel hopper with enameled exterior finish is mounted to the top of grinding chamber with two thumbscrews. Capacity is approximately 550 mL. Sliding stainless steel plate at base of hopper controls feeding rate. Dimensions: 41/2” top internal diameter x 21/4” throat internal diameter x 81/2” depth.

Sieves: Stainless steel, curved round-hole screens are shaped to fit against the top of the delivery chute block so that samples cannot enter chute without passing through the screen. The chute block is released by two handwheels for easy interchanging of sieves one included.

Receivers: Adapter chutes slide into a spring-loaded holder beneath the chute block to collect product in a glass jar or stainless steel beaker. The two chutes included with the mill can be interchanged without opening mill door. Clearance below chute is 140 mm to base of bench models, permitting the use of standard receivers even if mill is placed back from edge of bench. Clearance below chute of stand mounted mills is 495 mm.

Jar Chute: Threaded to take standard Mason glass jars, up to 2 qt. (1.8 L) capacity. Jars permit observation of finished product, as well as affording convenience for storage of samples. A bag or sack can be tied on in place of the jar.

Beaker Chute: 105 mm i.d. x 146 mm deep, without spout. Spring-loaded runners hold turned rim of beaker securely against adapter plate to prevent sample loss, while allowing easy removal of beaker. Takes 1,200 mL stainless steel beaker (1527C25).

Drive Unit: Mounted in enameled steel housing directly behind the grinding chamber. Motor is a 1 hp, continuous duty, enclosed ball-bearing type, equipped with thermal overload cutout and needing no lubrication for years. Safety switch prevents operation when the chamber is open. Provides rotor speed of 800 rpm at 60 Hz and 667 rpm at 50 Hz. Pulley drive uses a 16 mm V-belt. Rotor shaft ball bearings require lubrication by means of grease gun included with mill.

For Bench Mounting Provided with four mounting lugs for bolting to bench, or for attachment of 3375E90 Runners (not supplied) Overall dimensions 15" W x 24"D x 28"H (381 x 610 x 711 mm); shipping weight: 375 lbs. (170 kg); net weight: 301 lbs. (136.5 kg). Units require 8.4 amps on 115 V, 4.2 amps on 230 V. For replacement belt see Thomas number 3376T80.


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